How to Get Rid of Headaches during Pregnancy

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Headaches during PregnancyPregnancy is usually both a stressful and wonderful time for expectant mothers. One in particular thing that happens to bother most pregnant women is headaches. Pregnant women usually experience frequent headaches during their first trimester. The following are some of the ways on how to get rid of headaches during pregnancy:

Getting a lot of rest

During the first trimester of pregnancy, women undergo a variety of changes. One of these changes includes an increase in their hormone levels. This increase causes the body to feel fatigued and more stressed. During pregnancy, a woman needs to get as much rest as possible. Adequate rest will help the body prepare properly for the baby and reduce the number and frequency of headaches.

Monitoring of blood sugar levels

Whenever there is a drop in blood sugar levels, the result is usually headaches. Since a pregnant woman’s body is constantly growing and providing for the baby, one needs to eat more during the day in order to keep optimum blood sugar levels. This will help to get rid of headaches.

Drinking a lot of water

During pregnancy, one needs to increase their intake of food and liquids. One has to make sure that there body is well nourished not only for their sake but also their baby’s. Drinking a lot of water will help to get rid of headaches as it will help reduce swelling of blood vessels in the brain that occurs when there is no hydration or when one is experiencing high stress levels.

Reduce the intake of caffeine gradually

Quitting caffeine suddenly can make anyone experience headaches, more so a woman who is pregnant. Even though caffeine is not good for a woman who is pregnant, for those women who were used to it before becoming pregnant, stopping the habit should be a gradual process. This will help to avoid headaches.

Avoiding stress

During pregnancy, a woman’s body and mental state is likely to lead to headaches. Additional stress can increase the number and frequency of headaches. Good breathing techniques and relaxation exercises can help to alleviate stress.

Taking showers

During pregnancy, a woman’s body experiences higher body temperatures. This increased heat can lead to headaches. It is important for a woman to stay calm and cool. Taking showers will help cool off the body and can offer immediate relief for headaches.

In cases whereby there is no access to a shower facility, then one can use a cool or warm compress, applying it to their forehead and face. This tends to be very helpful when one is at work or in a public place.


Doing exercises will increase blood flow and circulation whilst releasing endorphins, which will help keep you in a stress free and happy mood, meaning no headaches.

Paying a visit to a massage therapist

A good and relaxing massage can help to get rid of tension and relax the body’s muscles. A massage will also help to increase blood circulation in the body. It is a great way of relaxing the body and alleviating the stress that occurs as a result of pregnancy related changes.

The above are some of the main and easiest ways on how to get rid of headaches during pregnancies.

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